Local Transportation

* Make sure the puppy is older than at least 8 weeks of age. A very small or very young puppy can easily die of shock, low blood sugar and/or dehydration when transported over long distances.

* Most dogs tend to get car sick - don't give your Yorkie anything to eat or drink before driving.

* Speak to your vet about calming tablets for stressed or car sick Yorkies.

* If you are going to fly with your Yorkie, make sure with the airline you have chosen what their procedures are. Kulula let you keep your pet with you on the seat in-flight, but most airlines will keep pets in their carriers in the hold. Don't put any water or food in the carrier - it will only spill and make it a very messy trip for your dog. Make sure your dog is hydrated before flight.


International Transportation

* Travelling internationally with your pet can be a very time-consuming and hassling experience. There are a few companies whose sole job it is to arrange international pet travel. Try Petwings 0861 30 31 32 or Global Paws on 083 640 4574 / 021 761 2520.

* Every country has different regulations and laws - please make sure that you are fully aware of all of those before you make travel plans. Some countries even require 2 - 6 months of quarantine for your dog - do not assume that your puppy can come with you on all your trips!